Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Japanese Place in Vancouver

I am absolutely in LOVE with Octopus Garden in Kitsilano area. I went there for DOV and I was so impressed. I had sake there.. it was this tasting thing.. ew i hate sake. :( This was the dessert, moshi moshi roll. so cute! it's chocolate and banana and whipped cream and strawberries in sweet rice. mmm
I don't know what this was. We asked her but she didn't know either.. ha ha ha?
Tofu Cocktail as the appetizer. It was small and bland. eh
Cute! bungeeee roll. I like the creativity in it but I didn't like the roll so much because it was spicy

I wish this was downtown, it would be So much more convenient for me. but nonetheless, I am definitely coming back here!

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