Monday, March 24, 2008

La Terrazza etc

My latest dining experiences have not been super.. This is so disheartening..
After a lousy presentation, me and my friend decided to get some good food downtown to make up for it. We went to Bardot first, after standing at the door for 15 minutes, we just left. There was NO service to be seen AT ALL. what the fuck. I have never witnessed that before. it's also sad (for me) because this is the 3rd time I've went to this place wanting to try it (first time they were closed for nye, second time my friend wasn't impressed with the menu, 3rd time waited for 15 min) but yet I still want to try... hah. Anyways, after that we ended up at La Terrazza.. It was so expensive we decided to eat appetizers. I pointed mine out to him (crab cakes) because I couldn't read it. He said oh Portabello? I didn't really listen to him and said yes..
So I got this. When I got it I thought i twas just creatively made but still crab cakes. I bit into it and it was disgusting. I couldn't even finish it.
The bill came.. it cost the same as..
are you fucking shitting me. You're telling me my fucking disgusting ass MUSHROOM stuffed into spring roll form is the same as this seafood stew!! WTF. He charged me for the crab cakes. which Obviously I did not eat.
Unfortunately, I did not realize all this until I went home.
I guess stupidity is also at fault here.

Oh well I got crab cakes at Sip another day. They were ok. This was the first time I actually got food at Sip. The restaurant is nice and the concept is cool.. I don't mind this place, they have the best background to take a picture with (haha) and their bartender looks like jared leto apparently, who is hot (I've heard this from a couple people) . I also prefer this place much more than whineo's next door (loud and dark)