Monday, March 24, 2008


We are beginning to broaden our Vancouver map to False Creek! haha Before we were always stuck in going to restaurants near Burrard/Yaletown/Gastown. But this beautiful place by the water is actually not that hard to get to. and whaddya know, Granville Island is right across from there!

Stonegrill on Urbanspoon We were super early at Stonegrill because we decided to completely skip ethics class all together (ethical? meh). The food came super fast and the waitor was super professional (kinda generic). The drinks were horrible, was mine even alcoholic? wat the hell. I didn't taste anything nor did could I smell it. Anyways, The food was really good, but I don't know if I am much for the cooking it ourselves part.. It was cooked too fast and I couldn't eat it fast enough! haha..

Nu on Urbanspoon Me and my best friend went to Nu for DOV in Feb. Upon going in, I was really unimpressed by the setting. The place looked so.. retro and weird.. The music was loud and it just didn't fit the place. I thought it was classy or smth but it definitely did not look like it. The chairs were spinny! and the place was soo small all the tables are cramped together. gah. the first course was a fritter. It was very good. I was happy and thought maybe it would get better! it didn't.

The next was this duck.. It was bland and nothing special.. The third was this pavlova that was soo sweet and sour . It was just weird.

I don't think I'll come back to either Nu or Stonegrill again. Great locations, but they just didn't work for me.