Saturday, March 1, 2008

DOV 08

this is the first time I've tried Dine Out Vancouver.
The first one was Griffins which was last minute. Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart was filming at a Hyatt a block away. oh my goddddd.

For appetizer, I had a salad which was normal and nothing spectacular. The Main, I had the salmon in the picture above. It wasn't very good. The mango raita? tasted and looked like salsa. The dessert buffet is supposed to entice people but it looked kinda disgusting to me. Nothing was good unfortunately. The cheesecake tasted like i was eating a block of cream cheese. eugh.

The next day I went to Metro, this was planned. It was the restaurant I really wanted to go to.

The appetizer was this grilled calamari. It was the worst thing I've ever ate at a classy restuarant. I thoguht I could suck it up and finish it but after two bites, I just couldn't. It was super bitter and tasted wrong. Maybe too much wine or something. But hopefully they don't always taste this bad.
The main I had this trio of fish. it was Very good. It made up for the appetizer.

The dessert was this cheesecake mousse. It was really good I was happy :) The service was great, the ambience is nice, and I would love to come back to this place one day.

On Thursday we went to Italian Kitchen. The service was absolutely horrid. I can't believe we had to wait 15 min before she even came over to get our drink order. The place wasn't even HALF FULL. Not only that, but I had to ask the hostess to get our waitress, Definitely never done that before.

The appetizer was this cannelloni that tasted like the one I made in grade ten cooking class. The main was this lobster with sole. It was super creamy. Lastly was this tiramisu. I don't like tiramisu so I shouldn't judge it. but my friend got the torte so I had to get this.