Saturday, November 15, 2008

Benkei Ramen+ Jang Mo Jib

my parents recently came back after a month stay in hk, we decided to try out shiro on cambie but it was closed on remembrance day :( so we opted for korean food on Robson st. From my recent discovery of free parking on Robson (sorry it's a secret that I cannot reveal. parking is too damn expensive!) we weren't afraid of going downtown to eat anymore. We used to stay away from that area from the conjested traffic, flocks of people walking on blinking hand sign, and the one way streets that add the confusion of it all. I would much rather walk around downtown over driving!

Anyways, we went to jang mo jib.. We've heard of this restaurant a lot but never been because there hasn't been an opportune time. We went inside, and was a little confused because there were two doors.. and we weren't sure whether or not it was one or two separate restaurants. There seemed to be a lot of koreans as well which comforted us to think it should be authentic. We ordered a tofu hot pot, bibambap, and bulgohgee. The kitchen was open and it was a little messy, but as long as it was clean :) It got a little stuffy/hot inside though from the kitchen..

The bulgogee was pretty good, although I found the beef to be sometimes too tough. I couldn't eat some of it.. The seafood tofu hotpot was o-k and the bibambap had a lot of veggies and rice. But I think I prefer the one from seoul dookbeangi (sp) much more. Everything cost 50 bucks at the end.. a litle expensive imo..

Next we went to Benkei Ramen.. My parents were so used to eating in hk they were ready for another meal. Me on the other hand just wanted to go there and see what it was like :)
We went at a very busy time, having to wait in line for about 20 minutes.. The good thing about this place is everyone just wants to have a bowl of ramen and that's all. No one is dwelling around or having a big feast, hence there's always an in flow of hungry customers and outflow of happy ones :)

Upon looking at the menu, I was glad they didn't have a minimum charge of 8/person (a la kitaro and motomachi) because I was really full and wasn't exactly in the mood for a big bowl of ramen after the rice and beef at jang mo jib. I ordered a cha siu onigiri. my parents each ordered a bowl of of ramen (the light miso one and chicken and tonkatsu). The onigiri was not good. It was way too salty for my liking and fell apart so easily that it was really hard to eat. The bowls of ramen were normal.. however I think I prefer them over the ones from motomachi. They weren't as salty and more light tasting.