Thursday, November 20, 2008


Lime is a hip Japanese restaurant on the further end of Commercial Drive. I've wanted to go to this restaurant for god knows how long.. but whenever I venture onto the drive, I always get suckered into eating something else.. After getting of the Skytrain this time, I was determined on trying Lime. Even though I was swayed by places such as Riddim & Spice and Clove, my heart was set out on crossing this place off my go to list once and for all. Even Tio Pepe next door couldn't stop me!

Upon entering, the restaurant was definitely a bit above the rest of the japanese joints in Vancouver. Interior designs were beautiful.. from the square plates to the raw sushi bar. There was live music being played which was kind of cool.. until it got too loud and me and my friend were basically yelling at each other the entire night. The music also reminded me of Charlie Brown.. I don't know if that's good or bad. Do I want a dancing Snoopy in my mind as I ate? not particularly.

My friend also ordered a green tea, expecting it to be complimentary like the water, but no. it was 3 dollars. damn. We also ordered the unagi roll, mini burgers, and crispy avocado.

The unagi roll were pretty good- but I personally love bbq eel. most of my white friends won't dare try it. wusses.

The mini burgers were really cute. I liked the concept of using tofu, rice crackers, and rice as the buns. Very delicious! Unfortunately, I didn't like the crispy avocado. I didn't even taste supposed mozza cheese inside. I just got rice and avo. ehhh.

We also ordered a dessert, we were interested in the mousse. It comes wiht a rice bowl on top of it, so we lifted up the bowl and it's this dinky little cuplet of mousse. Since we were sharing, we were each trying to take little mouse scoops of the mousse to make it last. but honestly, I could have ate it all in one bite. 6 bucks.. fucking serious?

The place was pretty dead.. maybe it's the price, maybe it's the location, maybe it's the loud music that causes no form of conversation to be had. I do believe it is a nice restaurant, but too many wrongs unfortunately do not make a right.

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