Monday, November 17, 2008

Vita Bella

I live in burnaby and I have to travel down hastings everytime I go downtown. I love staring out the window and looking at various shops and restaurants. Some are funny (double one? peninsula with a cow and chicken on the sign? best one yet .. tin tin.. hahahahaha..then laughter dies down. and Tan tan appears LOL) some remind me that I have to go to them one day.. like sfinaki, pear tree, papagallo cafe, and baci... but when I do go down hastings, it's always for downtown, never FOR hastings.. but this time I finally went to one of these restaurants.. vita bella

Before my friend's play, we decided to check out this super cute restaurant. We arrived around 5:30 and I saw people eating chopsticks inside.. wtf, is this some japanese restaurant in disguise? it was just their staff eating a quick dinner before the dinner rush came in... that's fine, but in front of the window?? The service was ok.. nothing spectacular or bad.. The complimentary bread tasted a little stale.. my friend ordered the fettucine and I had the penne del vio.. It took a while to arrive, when it does, there's this stick coming out of both our pastas.. It wasn't a very pretty presentation..

The pasta itself wasn't cooked al dente.. it was undercooked. The fettucine was ok apparently. We didn't have time to complain since we had to go see the play! We barely made it back too :S Til the time we left, no other tables were filled except one (7:00).

I don't think I"ll be back, but I can't wait til I try that japanese restaurant.. tenkatsu?? I don't know but it looks good!

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