Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's nearing the end stretch for me in school.. everything is falling into place rather smoothly, except for one more big big paper I have. Me and my roomie were chilling in our living room, talking about summer exchange to europe and beautiful paris and how she wants to go to Spain and I want to go to Ukraine... when all of a sudden this loud awful beeping came on. It was the fucking fire alarm.
After taking 10 minutes of torturous ringing because concindentally it was time for me to enroll in classes, we left and decided to go somewhere close for a quick bite.

I've always wanted to go to Pappagallo Cafe.. home of the supposed ultimate cheesecake. Inside, there was one other table.. the cheesecakes were displayed prominently.. there were blueberry, strawberry, pb chocolate, cappuchino, etc... The fruit ones looked kind of weird but the chocolate cheesecakes sure looked yummy. We got the Turtles one to go for 3.75. I must say it was pretty cheap! The ones at Trees Cafe is around 7-9 bucks? Too expensive! but nice manager owner man :)

The cheesecake itself was very creamy and the crust wasn't very hard. I prefer hard cheesecakes so I wasn't too fond of the creaminess. You can definitely taste the cream cheese though. I didn't like the crust either, I felt like it overpowered the whole thing. But for 3.75, I won't be complaining too much.

We then crossed the street over to Socrates for an early dinner (we do mean early- 4:00. stupid daylight savings is messing my dinner time up! hah). I've been here one time before for my friend's surprise birthday dinner. I don't remember much from it except they ran out of glasses and stuff from the overload of people..

It was really dark inside, as they were preparing for some birthday dinner coming up. We were situated by the window, and the waitress quickly comes over. She seems to really despise her job.. She was basically a robot with her response to us, and it was just really awful. Like she would say Thank you, very good choice, quick and easy choices, I am fine thank you for asking.. stuff like that in the most monotone boring i-hate-my-life voice ever! Her attitude got me depressed! I personally find waitressing to be a lot of fun- communicating with customers etc.. I mean sometimes you get real jerks or some days is just off, but I don't ever SHOW it

Anyways, we ordered the roast lamb and lamb souvlaki. It took AGES to get out. We sat there staring out the window, beginning to contemplate that maybe Hong Sushi across the street might have been a better choice to eat at..

The food comes, and it was ok. We both thought the lamb was too fatty and not lean enough. Everything else was edible.. and standard greek food.

I guess it's a good thing both our dishes cost lest than 11 bucks. We couldn't help it and had to go over to Hong Sushi after to look at their menu, and dang do their sushi rolls look good for their cheap price. I might have to come one day! (sure as hell not go to Tataya sushi a block away.. all you can eat sushi for 10.95, but it's really sketchy and gross..)