Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I loveee to cook :) but I can't cook at my apt because of crappyass ventilation that causes the whole place to smell like fish or eggs after. gross. So when I go home, I look forward to watching random stupid tv shows (a la paris hilton bff one b/c I also don't have tv) and cooking. So here's what I made..
Pan Seared Steak Rolls with veggies inside. I wanted to make this for quite some time now, but haven't had the chance.. it was surprisingly good! Recipe
i Love crab cakes! they are so delicious.. I made this one on top of an asian slaw. My mother had this vegetable cutter thing, but I must be retarded because I couldn't get it to work at all, so I ended up cutting all the veggies by hand.. Which reminds me of that time I made a whole bowl of coleslaw.. it took me ages to cut up everything. and I used to have a huge fear of knives too! The asian slaw was pretty good, i think it's because I used peanut butter in it .

A Sweet Potato soup that was easy peasy. I love my big new york mugs. I know they are tacky NYC souvenirs that are overpriced marketed towards attract tourists, but damnit, it worked on me.
Dessert: Oreomisu. I think I went too mascarpone crazy because it was kinda overpowering- in a bad way. I don't like oreos much either but I liked the concept, that's why I tried to make it. Now i have a big bag of oreos at home.. oi.

Lastly, I made a pie! memories from grade 10 cooking class comes rushing back.. I used to have the most hardest time with pastry. fucking hell, and this time it was no exception. I just need more practice. It sure looks pretty on picture, but in real life, this pie looked pretty hellish haha.