Monday, November 10, 2008


Before my love Jason Mraz's concert, we went to Cibo for a quick lunch. Since we've been eating the whole day and my friend wasn't used to this lifestyle, we wanted something small at Cibo. Inside is very very small, much smaller than I imagined, but the design was very nice and upscale. My friend couldn't get over the "candles" that were battery operated. She was so tempted to take one because they were so amazing. Don't worry, we weren't in the stealing mood tonight :) haha

The service was nice, except she kept saying ya ya a lot.. which was a little annoying.. "you girls just went shopping? ya ya ?" "do you want me to take these dishes away? ya ya ? " "ya ya are you girls done ya ya? " oh my god. It almost drove us insane.

I just had the gnudi and she had the gnocchi. The gnudi was pretty light and packed with spinach and cheese. they were soft and tasted like my safeway bought spinach/cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce, but better? well it must have been for the price! they were small dishes for a little higher prices. But if I ate more, it would have been too filling I think.

We went off to Aria next for dessert and wine and to chill. I've been to Aria once a long time ago before clubbing. It is a nice open restaurant/lounge. It's rather small, but it seemed to match the atmosphere of the whole hotel. I had another glass of wine (not as good as the one at Cibo). and I had the zuccoto and she had the apple fritter.
Look at all those strawberries! yuck! oh well, the gigantic blueberries made up for it because they were really sweet. The cake was ok. The pistachio gelato didn't really have a pistachio taste.. The apple fritter was half an apple that seemed to be deep fried with ice cream. They were both really hard to eat with a spoon. oi I don't understand why people give spoons for desserts, everything would work so much better with fork! (minus ice cream, but it's plausible)