Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Palomino: Seattle

Before the jmraz show, we went to a restaurant called Palomino in Downtown Seattle because the prices seemed reasonable and close to the Paramount. It's on the top floor of a mall which is kind of cool. Once we were seated, our waitor hastily walks over and pours our water, getting ice and water onto the table. Then hastily rushes away. I thought, great, crappy waitor- tip is going down by the minute. I was wrong..

The next time he came over, the whole demeanor changed. I ordered the pork, to which he replies: it's a lot of food you know. me:"Well I am hungry. I'll be fine". him"do you like salads or soups?" me: "no". him:"what.. do you like anything?" me"is it free? if it is, bring anything that is complimentary over, we like anything"

He comes over with the bread and a plate of salad on the house. I looked around thinking he was just bsing me, but no one else had it. o-k.. The bread was ok but they served it with a salsa that I didn't like. The salad wasn't my thing because I don't like eating chunks of mozza. He comes back and I express my dislike, he quickly takes it away and replaces it with a free mushroom and shallots. uhh wthell I am not complaining about this complimentary service here, but mushrooms and shallots? gross.

Then he brings us the main course and my dish looked like a chinese dish my mother makes. It was a pot was pork. ew! I thought it would be a piece of pork with the apple chutney on top, but no no.. a pot of just pork. Barbaric??

He knew I was not happy so he brought over a lobster ravioli for me and took the pork off my bill. We were hurried to go to the concert, but if we stayed any longer he said he was going to bring shellfish over or even free desserts..

Ok tip went back up.. I don't know why he was so nice?? but thanks. The lobster ravioli was ok, it got to be a little too much after awhile, but def better than a pot of pork!

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