Monday, November 10, 2008


Morton's is a famous steakhouse situated in all the big cities of the world.. New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, etc.. The steaks are around 40-70 dollars, or the lobster+steak: 85/person. They also sometimes have a promo going on for 120 for 2.

Being a uni student, I am usually too broke for the upscale restaurants. Being an asian girl, I usually cannot finish a steak by myself- it's wayy too meaty for me. After flickring morton's and seeing their giant ass porterhouse steak, I knew I wouldn't be eating that unless I wanted to go into cardiac arrest tonight. my friend and I decided to go to Mortons and I told my roomate who is like the same size as me and issteak crazy. When I said Morton's, she just widened her eyes, smiled, and said ooohhhh..


The restaurant is downstairs with dimly lit lights everywhere. There's not a lot of tables occupied, I think only 5 were for the entire time we were there.. I got a riesling and she took my glass to go fill it up, I don't really like that, I like it when they pour it in front of me. but w/e, personal preference. The bread comes out and it's this massive ball. I thought it would be disgusting because it looked cold and sourdough. To my surprise it was piping hot and soft! mm I had to have some haha, too bad the butter was cold.

The server wheels this trolley over with all the steaks and vegs and begins to tell us everything. wow. Those steaks are huge, even the single cut! Anyways, I ended up ordering a salmon and he had the promo 20 dollar burger. She wasn't very impressed with our orders (probably because she wasted her time describing every single steak menu item.. sorry)

The burger was gigantic- but he said it tasted like White Spot burgers. my salmon was o-k. It was too expensive for the price in my opinion.. It was also overdone for my liking. We had desserts, which took more than half an hour to come out, even when we "pre ordered" it while we ordered our main. My apple pie looked like crap, but it wasn't bad. The legendary chocolate cake was yummy I was told. I am not a big chocolate dessert fan, so I'll take his word for it. for 14.50, it better be damn mouth watering delicious.

So ya, that's my morton's experience. I am glad I've been and can be crossed out, next steakhouse on my list: gotham! :)

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