Sunday, November 9, 2008

So.cial/Beard Papa

So.Cial at Le Magasin on Urbanspoon The first time I went to so.cial, we ended up having drinks downstairs at the bar and small bites.. It probably wasn't the best impression of so.cial since we never got a taste of the food or the atmosphere upstairs but I quite enjoyed it since the bartender also made us free shots for no reason :)

Even though it was a stormy rainy morning, we made our way to so.cial for brunch. We were actually going to go to chill winston but at one point when I was tugging on my umbrella to keep it from inverting and battling against the wind, even Steamworks next door to the waterfront station looked appealing. I just wanted to get out of the rain!!

Inside so.cial it was very quiet and only about two three tables were filled. I wasn't very impressed with white paper on the tables.. I know various restaurants do this but it seems very cheap :S
My friend wasn't very hungry so she had a caesar salad and I had the eggs benny. The complimentary scones that came were very delicious! they were soft warm and tasted very good with the jam .. mm

The eggs benny was ok, the potato wedges weren't as soft as I hoped for and the english muffin was too hard. Overall, it was adequate. The bacon and poached egg was yummy.

The only downside is the window is right next to the staircase downstairs. As we ate, there was the same semi creepy random that walked downstairs and stared at us repeatedly.

It's a cute place, I'll probably be back one day...

Beard Papa's on Urbanspoon We also walked down to Beard Papa on Denman st for these supposed world famous cream puffs. Inside, they share the space with St Germain Bakery. which is nice to know because I am always looking for a chinese cake shop downtown!
The cream puffs are gigantic! for 1.84, I think it is a good price. I think it's funny they wrote only 223 calories in one cream puff! as if it's a total healthy steal. I am sorry, but I usually eat 223 calories for my breakfast in total, not one dessert cream puff. :|
Anyways, we each got a regular flavored one and decided to sit down and eat it- which is probably the best thing to do because I probably looked like a savage eating them. They are definitely not date food. The cream puff was very light and flaky but not as sweet as I thought it would be- which is a good thing! If it was any sweeter, I would have definitely not been able to finish it. It was very yummy :)