Monday, February 16, 2009

Ginza, Sagano, After Thoughts (the valley)

I went back to my absolute favorite sushi restaurant again a couple days ago. It was another delicious meal. We ordered the stanley park roll (yams), flamingo (chicken+chicken sausage), and vancouver (avo and unagi) rolls, and unagi don and a lunch sushi box (cali roll, tempura, salad, and katsu+rice).

The rolls here are so delicious and they are all around 8.50 for 8 pieces. They are rolled nicely (do not fall apart), not a lot of rice, and a lot of filling inside. I hate it when the special rolls all taste like cali roll. like another sushi restaurant I mentioned in the past, where I swear they all tasted like cali rolls except they had extremely small pieces of bacon or unagi inside.

I loved the flamingo roll. It was different since I`ve never had chicken and chicken sausage in mine.. yum. I really want to try a couple others- they have one that is tomato, prawn tempura, and potato.. interesting.

The unagi don had thinly sliced unagi. the Lunch box was ok, the katsu was fried very nicely.
The restaurant itself is extremely clean and they use the freshest ingredients.

It`s such a shame that not a lot of people know about this place (or maybe it`s good that it`s still a gem). but I really hope they don`t go out of business. I mean, last time I came here for dinner, we were the only table. and couple days ago there was only us and one other guy there. If you`re ever in the valley- definitely try sagano! They still have the buy 2 get 1 roll free.. such a great deal!!

I also went to Ginza Sushi in PoCo this past wkd. The place is dark and small and there was only one waitress working. They offer regular or jumbo sized rolls. We had the jumbo and they are freaking humongous. I had the crunchy roll (cunchy flakes and cali roll), and the canucks roll (chicken+beef terryaki and unagi). The crunch roll was ok because it tasted like cali roll (they were supposed to have shrimp tempura but it was only on the ends..) but the canucks roll was not good because there were just way too much meat and filling inside. it fell apart extremely easily. We also had a chirashi don.. eh. I`ve had better. The hokkigai tasted a little funny.
This meal cost 40 dollars, and the one above was 45... the one above was soo much more worth it.

Today I went to After Thoughts for dessert. I had the pumpkin cheesecake for 5 dollars and friend had the vancouver cheesecake also for 5. they were ok. For the size, I think they were worth more like 3.50