Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shaughnessy Restaurant

Me and my friend went for brunch at Shaughnessy Restaurant in the VanDusen Gardens after a hellish night of drinking (I swear I am getting too old for this..). I've never been to Vandusen gardens but I heard it's nice. I didn't really get a great look today from the snow/rain.. (ughhhh) So, inside is kind of small and antiquey but the servers are all really nice and courteous. Nothing super obtrusive (like twisted fork. frick) but still if you wanted to have a convo with them, you could? Anyways,

I ordered the eggs benedict (I need to stop ordering this) and my friend ordered the crab stuffed croissant. After a couple minutes, piping hot blueberry scones were served to us.. but I don't taste the blueberry?

The food came right after, it was Apparently the croissant was good (it looked good too might I add) but I didn't really like the hollandaise sauce for the eggs benny. it was a little sour? I don't know, the potatoes were kinda dry and I didn't like the ketchup (i think it was chili ketchup). Maybe I am just sick of eggs benny, I swear next time I'll order something more adventourus.

Afterwards, we sat there forever and he never came to give us our bill. Even when my friend apparently had eye contact with him, and we had our jackets on, he never came we had to go up.. but it's ok, just one little damper to the breakfast service, it can be overlooked.

ps The washrooms are freaking tiny. i am asian so obv I am not that big, but I could barely move in the stall?? but maybe it was from these big ass snow boots i was wearing.. i needed them because I ended up walking up half a snowy mountain as future would play out (another story for another time)

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