Thursday, December 11, 2008

Revel Room

on Halloween, we were all stumbling around in Gastown and passed by Revel Room.. It looked really cute and I made a mental note that I will one day come back here and I was really glad I did.

Inside, the lighting, decor, and everything was so pretty and cozy. I instantly fell in love with this place. We sat upstairs, overlooking the bar and the rest of the dining area underneath. The place wasn't super busy, but had pretty good flow of customers.

We ordered drinks to start.. and unfortunately, all 3 of them were terrible. But then 2nd rounds came and the gastown bubble (is that what it's called) is a delicious sparkling cocktail. Very yummy!

We ordered the mexican meatballs, duck spring rolls, potato jo jos, and caesar salad (for my veg friend). The meatballs were Not Good. They were wayy too tough and the blacked chipotle sauce was really gross. The Duck spring rolls were delicious. I liked eating them wrapped in the lettuce with other vegs inside. The potato jojos were good because they were like fries. and it's pretty hard to mess up fries.

We also ordered the pumpkin cheesecake. yum! I love pumpkin and I love cheesecake. Two things I love together? heaven.

It came out to 104 dollars.. holy crap! ok I don't know if the food was worth that much money. I really really enjoyed the overall environment so much that even though some dishes were gross, the ambience made up for it.

We then tried to find the Irish Heather but couldn't, so we settled for the Black Frog for some shots.. to celebrate the end of a great semester! My nerdy ways has finally paid of these last 4 months. huzzah. time to bring on the drinking and partying.

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