Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I don't think I've ever blogged about this restaurant before. The first time we came here was a total accident. We were just stumbling around downtown and we liked the name of the restaurant :P The ambience inside is very nice and romantic. There is an outside patio-ish part.. We sat there and enjoyed a wine flight with dessert. It was very good (I think.. this was in 2007). It was actually the first time I finally enjoyed wine, and I am glad it was from here.

The next time I went, we went for more wine and desserts. We had the creme brulee and a cheesecake (pic above) . The cheesecake was decorated very nicely. I loved the knife fork outline :D but unforunately the cheesecake was pretty gross. It was too mushy I think. The creme brulee was ok, it was nothing spectacular.

This place is cute for a date =) I'll probably come here for some real food next time

edit: Came here, I keep getting suckered in by the ambience. but no, I don't like the food here Newer Post

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