Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Morning

Today we went to La Casita for some Mexican since I've been craving it for a whileee now. I haven't ate mexican for 10 years? maybe all my life. I think I've had a burrito once and I thought it was disgusting. Anyways, we shared these enchiladas and it tasted and looked like canneloni to me. I wish i got a taco instead, that was what I was craving. The place is kinda cute. I just remember before I knew this place, I walked past it about 10 million times looking for Chill Winston to the point where we got so frustrated we were gonna shoot each other if we passed this La Casita place one more time..

next was Al Porto, this place is really romantic and nice for lunch Or dinner. the Special they have is pretty good deal. I didn't feel like soup or salad so I just went for the Steamed Clams. They were pretty good. Then we stopped at Moonpennies hoping for dessert, but they only had cookies. So we went to Showcase and shared an apple pie. Our server was nonexistent it was so stupid. The apple pie was nice, but definitely not worth 8 dollars.

All in all, I spent 20 bucks on food today. But about 95 on a pair of tna pants. UGH