Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Dining

I really did try to stay for my whole lecture today but it was just impossible. it didn't help that there was a continuous flow of people dispersing from the classroom silently every 5 minutes. Hence we were early for our reservation at the Hart House. Nonetheless, I was too hungry to sit around aimlessly for half an hour (I only had a banana). aka repeat of Hamilton St Grill and PlanB waiting around on benches.
The place was nice but inside was kind of eerie. I think it was the old house thing .. anyways, they gave us the wrong menu.. I had my heart set on eggs benny but settled for quiche instead. The food took awhile. When it came, my quiche was stone cold. I 've never had quiches before so I made up excuses thinking maybe it's a cold quiche. But it was like ICE COLD. so I sent it back, he was really nice about it. The bad thing about me is I don't like sending food back unless I HAVE to. I am always scared something will happen. Anyways, it came back and it was hot. but there was a hair in my food. gah. We had to go do marketing experiment so I didn't want to send food back AGAIN. I just ate the fries. My friend had the risotto and had no complaints.
After the experiment, we went downtown to Ganache Patisserie. I've heard about this place but I've never walked past it before. I had a vague memory of the address so we decided on some aimless walking and hopefully luck out and hit it. We did :) The place is really cute with affordable cakes. We ordered the Guava mousse and passion et chocolat. They were really good at first bites, but then they got a little too sweet for me.
Next, I wanted to try out Tequila Kitchen because I still had my mexican craving going on.. but we passed Urban Thai bistro and decided to give them one more try since we had a coupon as well. (went there for dessert once). We ordered the Pad thai and Peanut Sauce Chicken. They were both way too heavy on Sauce. This was my first time eating pad thai so I had no comparisons but my friend said it wasn't very authentic.. To me, it tasted like I was eating spaghetti because of the noodles and the sauce tasted like it. The chicken was COVERED with peanut sauce. It's not a good thing. The flavor was so overpowering I had to drink water every time I took a bite (and I am not a huge water drinker at restaurants). We ate a couple bites and then packed it to go. needless to say, this was not worth it and I won't be back.
Should have gone to Tequila Kitchen or even Sala Thai... hum.