Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cassis Bistro

On Saturday me and my bestie went to Cassis Bistro. It was really stuffy inside and dead. With the location and the ambience inside, I was already not very impressed.. but then it did get better.
The bartender served us. At first I thought he seemed a little lazy and sluggish but my friend loved him haha she thought he was so cute blhalbhalbha.. I think it was his british accent that made her swoon. For once an accent did nothing to me. hah. We shared a bottle of wine and lamb chops and asparagus. The wine was nice, the lamb was kind of dry and too fatty.. and the mashed potatoes- to me- tasted a little off. I think it was just me though. The asparagus was good and the amuse bouche, I could have done without (some soup). My friend noticed Pims at the bar and got super excited because apparently she never see it anwhere.
After a moment of chatting with the bartender about the rough week we had, he gave us some free shots and they were puretty strong. Thanks, we needed it! :) He told us to come back on Fridays(?) cuz there was live music or something.. we shall!

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