Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am not a huge fan of the glowbal corporation but I don't mind Coast.. I've been to Coast before for teasers and crab cakes. They were pretty good.

This time, we shared a mussels and fries, the bread was yummy and the mussels were good. i really did not like the fries, they weren't soft enough inside. Then my friends came so we all got desserts. We had practically EVERYTHING. The banana cake was o-k. but too sweet for me. The brownie was yummy. The caramel was gross (I don't like caramel) and the rice pudding was a let down unfortunately. The s'mores cheesecake didn't work (the marshmallow didn't really go with the cheesecake part) but my highlight was the peanut butter bar. Wow. it was delicious.

The service was ok. Sometimes it came off a little cocky/uncomfortable.. I don't know. I am not yearning to come back but if I was starving and nowhere else was open/desired.. I wouldn't mind this place. I do like their concept of small desserts though

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