Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last Week

So I had two major midterms last week and didn't really do much except eat cereal and pineapple. haha. After my 2nd midterm, we went to Tomoya near Metrotown. It was really crowded so we sat at the bar.. The place had bad ventilation so it was really stuffy and greasy smelling from the open kitchen. We ordered chicken karaage, gyozas, pink lady rolls, and croquette. Karaage tasted exactly like popcorn chicken, gyoza was normal, croquette was ok. and the pink lady rolls were pretty good. We were so stuffed we couldn't even finish anything, and it was pretty cheap too! The service was really nice. I mean, I am used to asian servers not being courteous but more efficient. It's how we do it, we don't make small talk we just get you food. Thus I can see why some people think service sucked. But when we left, they apologized for being slow and then asked if we came a lot balhblhablhabla. haha tat was kinda nice.

Afterwards, we met up with another friend and went to jules bistro for dessert. We had chocolate cake and panna cotta and fries. The fries were nice, panna cotta was yummy. Chocolate cake- meh. I don't really like choco cake though. Also had baileys on the rocks. i think that's my new fave dessert drink, it tasted like milk.

Today I planned on going to The Fish House for Afternoon Tea. However we got absolutely lost in Stanley Park. FUCK. There's no goddamn maps sometimes and it gets so fucking confusing. Last time we went to second beach and it took us forever, there must be a shortcut but we don't know how. We asked info or shuttle bus woman but they fucking confused us more!
We got so fed up when we got to Second beach 15 min late for reservations already so we just went to Denman to Maria's Taverna. We shared an appy plate which I shouldn't have because I KNEW i don't like that filo pastry with spinach and the green wrapped rice thing. but I wanted hummus bread and kalamari. I didn't even eat a lot, I should have stuck with lamb souvlaki. Anyways, the waiter was really nice and tried to start convo with us. We looked rough/hell when we first walked in after stumbling in stanley park for 1 hour. I was tired from the night before from barnone (dark and crappy) and my friend was hungover from atl. We were fucking starving. Anyways, he was where are you guys from? omg did we look like tourists?? kinda embarssing when i said the valley hah. then he's like did you guys go shopping even though we clearly had no bags. we must have looked pretty rough hahaha. I might come back for better greek food, because he was really nice

We then went to true confections for guava cheesecake which tasted like plain cheesecake with strawberry coulis. wtf. and the service was crap.. really bad.

Then we went to the Stars concert. I really liked the guest which was Curtis Santiago.. He was great!