Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Never works out..

I love restaurants if you haven't realized. I know practically every restaurant in the Vancouver area and where they are located. I have places I plan on going in my mind and when always anticipating the next time I can go to those places. But when there is an opportune time to go whereever, It. never. works. out.

ok so today i met my bestie downtown to try out Le Marrakech Morrocan Food. The place was empty. The seating is a little uncomfortable. we are both tiny and it was hard to crouch down to eat.. Anyways, the server was really courteous but it wasn't a warm friendly type, it was just courteous.. i don't know, i didn't like it. We shared a duck platter. It was pretty good. I've never had a huge piece of duck breast before but I liked it. She also ordered moroccan flat bread that tasted licorice like.. I didn't like it..

The place wasn't very comfortable or warming in my opinion, so we left and my friends wanted to meet to see a movie, so since we had time to kill, we wanted to check out Lolitas, a place I've wanted to go to for ages. It was jam packed and there was no way we could have gotten a table in time. so We wandered to Yaletown to Tequila Kitchen (I wanted a friggin taco). It was closed! Section 3 didn't look THAT appetizing and Flite was also Closed. Fuck! My friend didn't want Thai (simply thai or sala thai), I didn't want expensive (le crocodile, cioppinos), we wanted to try something new (mostly hinting at azia), and oysters wasn't what we wanted (rodney's oyster house).

After flite, I really didn't want to go to Pinkys again (i don't like it) so we ended up at Coast. (next post)
Afterwards, we headed over to George for a drink. It's a chill place, good for drinks and tapas. I didn't feel like paying lots for alcohol (I don't like drinking on weekdays/lots) so I just had a baileys on the rocks. I'll be back though when I do feel like drinking