Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So before Kanye concert, we decided to hit up Kingston Taphouse. I have Never seen this place before but it was on opentable and in my book so I thought wat the heck. Going inside, I was kinda uncomfortable because there were a lot of old creepy men looking at us and it looked a little sleazy.. but then the back was like the dining area so it was better I guess.. Although our waitress didn't come over for like 15 minutes and then when she does she goes "hey girls" and then stops. no how are you or can I get you anything. it was . so. awkward. we honestly all just stopped talking and stared at each other .. haha.. oi. my friend got a chicken chili thing and I got dry ribs (i used to eat dry ribs SOO much at red robins after a brutally long shift at panago [i didn't make pizzas, i was an agent you ordered pizza from me]) It was ok. I was indifferent to this dish. I doubt I'll be back to this place.

Tonight me and my parents went to Azia because we didn't go for dinner for my mother's birthday yet. It was good because we spoke cantonese and they understood. The place was really nice and they gave us a good area to sit. We started off with 3 appys: duck spring roll, roti canai, and tempura filo prawns. The spring roll was o-k. Roti canai was good, because I LOVE roti canai. but the prawns was Gross. the potato and the prawns just didn't go together and when I bit into it I got soo much water I am guessing. ugh. gross.

We had chicken and beef satays next.. they were ok, nothing to rave about. We also had a laksa. It was my first time trying it and it was too spicy for me.. my parents thought they should have used a different type of noodle instead because fun see is not authentic.. We also had a scallops sushi pizza. made with sushi rice on the bottom topped with scallops and ebi mayo. My father loved this, I didn't really..

We had the lemongrass chicken with tumeric rice. ugh sick. It was not authentic at all. We could have done without this dish. honestly.

The ending was the highlight. The desserts were super good. We ordered the Ice cream Roti and green tea creme brulee. I have no complaints about the roti one, because .. well I love roti hahaha. even the ice cream worked with it, and I usually don't eat ice cream with anything (not even apple pie). The green tea was nice for the creme brulee, but I think they put too much sugar on it. made it too bitter imo. I made creme brulee once, it was o-k, but I didn't have those blowtorch things so I used matches.. ya that didn't work. ahah