Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I m not a big fan of pasta but I really wanted to try this place called Il Nido on Robson. They sat us outside which was a BADDDD idea. I have a huge fear of a lot of mosquitoes/fruit flies/gnats in one place (weird i know).. I actually freak out and usually do not like walking in forests. I guess it was mating season but there were huge swarms of there nearby. I didn't want to be a hassle so I didn't ask to be moved in.. because no one was inside sitting and it was a gorgeous day outside.. blah.
The first plate was mine.. a spaghetti plate.. as you can see I m not adventurous. I have no idea what the other plate was.. didn't look too yummy to me. The food was bland.. especially the calamari we ordered before the pasta (didn't take a picture). They weren't deep fried but they didn't have a taste. :(
It also didn't help that the waitor kept staring at me and touching me everytime he came over.

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