Thursday, May 1, 2008

frick i m running out of money

This past friday, I went restuarant hopping to 8 places. yup , eight. Was spose to be ten but i'll get into that.

We were supposed to go to granville island but vancouver weather = rain so we stayed downtown. Thank god it stopped raining because I look like a freakin eskimo with my hood. We went to the Shore Club for a quick appie, we got a jumbo shrimp cocktail. I am not a big fan of shrimps in the first place but I heard they have good ones so I was willing to try. the waitor said he'll give us the dinner one cuz that would be one shrimp more. I was reluctant since I knew we were going restuarant hopping the whole day but my friend said watever it'll probably only be like 50 cents more. Turns out it was four dollars more for a shrimp that I don't even like that much so she sucked it up and paid for it. The place was really nice and sophisticated, but it was not a comfortable setting.

The next place was Ashahi-ya for a quick sushi bite. We shared a dynamite combo which wasn't very good I am sad to say. It was very plain. Norboo was next because it was approaching around 3pm now and most places were closing for a couple hours. We shared a plate of chicken wings wait i mean chiken wings. for 3.50 They were really gross. They had this really sweet weird sauce on top of them so I didn't eat any of the skin. oh well 3.50.

We walked down robson to Denman.. to Kintaro Ramen. We sat down until we saw the min 6.50 per customer. ehhh We just wanted to share a bowl of ramen, not spend arnd 15 bucks. so we left and went to the Calling public house to share a plate of really really good yam fries. We sat by the window and saw a lot of close accidents! omg. I never knew the denman/davie intersection was so dangerous! I wasn't even drinking wine but we were sitting near a heater and my face was turning reddd . ugh. At least she didn't think i was getting the asian flush cuz i was drinking water hah. but those fries were probably the best I've ever had.

We then walked up davie, then right towards Stonegrill and we walked the Seawall to Bardot, which was closed! GRR. this is my freaking 4th time. DAMN. Why do I bother. honestly.
So we ended up going to Elixir for a glass of wine. my wine glass was SOOO dirty. ugh sick. I was not impressed by this place.

We walked up to Burrard and passed the Japadog stand, man i soo wanted to get one haha. but instead we went to Gyoza King which was sooo packed we ended up eating at E-Hwa. We shared a donkatsu which wasn't bad. Nothing amazing though. It was a filling meal if I ate it alone. The place is super korean and dark.

Then we walked to Gastown, to Incenido for a Montreal pizza. It wasn't bad. My friend absoultely loved it because she loved the thin crust. we planned on hitting up Boneta next for Dessert and wine but we accidentally bumped into the rest of our party at the sketchy pizza joint that you stumble to when you are drunk and finished clubbing at Blarneystone. (worst pizza place ever even when I was so hammed). So we went to Boneta together and it was too packed :( Guu was too so we went to the Modern and I was sober as heck.

So sad. but the restaurant hopping was fun times :) ate like a gazillion calories but probably walked it all off.
Exam timeeeeee probably not eating out until may we'll seeee