Saturday, May 31, 2008

Undeliberate Restaurant Hopping

Ok today I was supposed to go to 2 restaurants, head back and do massive amounts of homework.. well it KINDA went to plan..

Skipped the last hour of marketing, went to Trees Organic Cafe on Granville. Heard that it has the best cheesecake in Vancouver. The selection wasn't huge..We chose the Sin City which was Cherry and Chocolate. The owner (I am presuming) was really nice and funny he just kept telling us every one was delicious. The cake turned out to be Eight Bucks. WOW. Thank god we had coupon for half off. I don't know if it is worth that much.. The cheesecake is good..but I think I like Cactus Club more?

It got sunny so we went to English Bay for a bit then we went for dinner at Banana leaf. I've always wanted to try this place. So did my parents and a couple of my friends. We ordered the sample appy for 2 and the chili mango shrimp. The appy was really good. I didn't really like the salad because I thought the vinaigrette was kinda overpowering. The roti canal was good and so were the satays. I don't like veggie spring rolls and the calamari.. I prefer them not ring like. All in all i liked it though. The chili shrimp on the other hand I didn't. Too much chili and spices. it wasn't a very good dish. The food was quick and the place is nice. I think I will be back again. I tipped kinda bad because we needed the money for cake haha but I promise next time, I'll leave a big tip!

We were planning on goin to True Confections after a quick stop at Aritzia so I could get a nice white long button up sweater thing (with shorts and heels= cute :D). But We didn't want to head back to Denman so we went to Manhattan At the Delta Suites. First I wanted to go to As time goes by in the Georgia Hotel.. but I honestly don't even know if that is still there, nor do I know how to get INTO the hotel. The Four Seasons.. I couldn't get into either because of construction, or else we would have went to Yew. Anyways at Manhattan, we shared this banana fritters with coconut ice cream and pineapple/mango sauce. It was tropical.. a little strange.. There were too many flavors going on I think. We ended up tipping them the most even though I wish it was to Banana Leaf.. oops.