Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love this weather

The last two days have been great. Today is really nice too, although I wish it was raining because I am stuck writing two papers :(

On Friday me and my friend went to Insadong. It was pretty good. The meat was nice and non fattening. We were a little confused at what Bulgolgi was but it was pretty good haha. I would love to come back. Although afterwards, I felt SUPER sluggish because I haven't ate meat (except a piece of deli meat a day) for a week and my body used so much energy to break it down. aiya. That night I went to Wild Garlic for a 4.00 double martini. Holy. Fuck. I swear to god mine was pure vodka. I am not even kidding. I tasted absolutely no pineapple juice or like a very small hint of it. The rest I felt like I was taking shots. I don't like hard alcohol anymore so that martini was pure hell.

Yesterday we headed downtown. We went to the Boathouse by English bay first. I thought it was brunch but it was lunch...hum.. The service was minimal, even when I dropped my napkin.. a waitress walked past without even bothering picking it up for me .wtf. I remember at lift when I dropped a knife, and my waitor was far away and he came over, got on his hands and knees, went underneath my chair, to get my knife and get me a new one. Anyways, we ordered these chicken drummettes to share. This other table came later than us and they got their food before us! They ordered burgers .. then we got our food, and guess what, 2 of the drumsticks were RAW inside. what the hellll. I didn't bother complaining because I didn't feel like sitting there for another hour waiting for our food. Not only that, but the food was weird. Chili spiced drumsticks with sour cream to dip . The Sour cream was just a weird dip for the chicken.. I just wanted to get out of there. This was a crappy start to my day.
We headed to Bayside lounge next because my friend told me it was pretty good. I've been to Soho before on the left, and the service there was minimal (I miss pacific crab company :( ) Anyways, Bayside looked really tacky and.. weird.. so we sat for 5 min and got up and left. I felt bad but the waitress smiled and said it was fine. i think she just wanted to talk to her friend over serving others. Which I didn't mind
We headed to Central because we were SUPER hungry. it was 1pm and we had ate nothing besides the crappy ass drumsticks, the unraw ones which was about 3 each. The place had friendly service and it was cute inside. I ordered the breakfast and um.. it's ok. nothing special, something I could make at home. She ordered the soup and she found it really good.
Then we went to tan on English Bay which was really nice. I need a tan, a real one because fake ones look BAD on me.. Afterwards, we walked along the seawall all the way to Yaletown. We went to PlanB. The interior is pretty nice and the music isn't deftly loud and crazy. We had this crazy idea of eating there for 2 hours because of another reservation at Brix after.. We were gonna eat super slowllyy. but as slowly as I eat, I cannot prolong dinner for 2 hours. We also had long island iced teas and water we were SOO thirsty from the whole day.
Anyways, we ordered the mussels (which I realized I don't like that much) and lobster risotto. I don't kno, I think it was the horseradish.. because I was super turned off by this dish..
After, we sat by the seawall again for awhile and then went to Brix. This place is So cute! I love it so much, I am definitely coming back again. I was a little embarassed with what we ordered and such. My plan was actaully to order very little food at PlanB and order more at Brix, but it fell through after we got super full from PlanB. We ended up sharing a salmon crepe and milk chocolate cheesecake. The crepe was disgusting in my opinion. I think I realized I don't like savory crepes. The salmon reminded me of.. tuna salad and I thought it was going to be salmon fillets. haha i don't know. The Cheesecake was really good, tasted like milk chocolate.

Ok, today I am not eating anything except tofu and bread, mainly because we have nothing left in our fridge and we are too poor to grocery shop. Tomorrow I am going to Pinkys for my dad's birthday. Then I think I am not going to eat out for awhile.. maybe just friday.. aiya.