Saturday, May 17, 2008

Monks and etc

so on Wednesday, me and my friend ventured to Monk Mcqueens for lunch because we had a coupon and I wanted 1000 points :) We were an hour early so we went to Ocean 6 seventeen for dessert. The place was really empty which was saddening because it is really cute inside and the food doesn't sound too bad. The people are really friendly even though I accidentally ignored the cute chef (sorry!) We had a chocolate pot de creme which he whipped up freshly for us. :D I am definitely coming back for lunch one day.

That cannot be said for Monks. I do not plan on ever coming back. The crab cakes were probably the worst I have ever had. The salad wasn't very good either. my friend had the oysters and she liked it. Maybe it was just today.. but the place smelled bad too (from the oysters but still, it was pretty rank in there)

On Friday, we skipped the last hour of marketing to go have lunch. We went downtown to the mill marine bistro. We shared a baked brie with bread. It wasn't bad but it was not worth 13.75. Are you serious? the menu was a little pricey for what they were serving.

We were still hungry so we went over to the Seawall bar at Westin Bayshore. The prices there were cheaper than the mill! We shared a goat cheesecake. It was really yummy. I love cheesecake
We ventured to Osada above Relish. The place seemed pretty authentic. We shared a bbq chicken wings and flaked salmon and avocado roll. They were both pretty good and good prices. Then we went to Bin 941. I think I like Bin 942 more just because it's a bit bigger. We shared the grilled asparagus. Hum.. one day I'll go there and eat something more than 7 bucks (last time we shared a mashed potatoes :( ).

Lastly we went to Spice Alley and shared the Seafood Jeon. Ew. Way too much batter.
All in all I spent around 25-30 bucks on food the whole day but I spent 100 bucks on clothes :( and I just bought 2 pieces of clothing! A dress for clubbing and a tshirt. ack!