Sunday, May 11, 2008

back to school= restaurant hopping

Yay after being sick and stranded in nowheresville, I have moved into my new place and back to restaurant hopping in vancouver. One day we got bored of downtown and decided to take a nice little stroll down Burrard Bridge and lo and behold.. kitsilano! I know that sounds really retarded but I honestly had no idea where the bridge was leading me since I never ever go to south granville/kits .. ever.We walked to W 4th ave and then W Broadway and granville. It was really nice and the restaurants were great. ok lets start! :)

I FINALLY tried raincity grill.. It's probably one of the first restaurants I saw and wanted to try. We had brunch there.. the service was really slow and we just had complimentary bread (good) and museli (simple but the cheapest). I really liked the presentation, even though I was eating boring plain museli, it was really cute the way they presented it. The only problem I have is the waitor was very unattentive and it took WAY too long for service (meaning to get him to take our plates away and get our bill) esp cuz we planned on going to more restaurants and couldn't stay there for too long. I did like this place, I would love to come back here again for more brunch

The next place was Kadoya because we were at an awkward time and everything was closed :( We had a rainbow roll, which was just california roll with colored masago on top. I would love to come back again and eat different, more unique rolls.
We ended up walking across Burrard Bridge and going to Kits and then walking down W 4th and then W Broadway to Granville. man I was sooo tired after, we went to Red Door.. I have seen this place forEVER. Ever since i was little and going to Shabusen across from red door, I always wondered what that place with the red squiggly line was. I was so glad to finally have gone. We just had calamari. it wasn't very good.. the best calamari is still earls :)

We went to Bin 942 after for mashed potatoes. It's funny, I've tried going to Bin 941 so many times but it never worked out and i end up going to 942 before 941 :P We caught the bus and went back to West End. We tried Toratatsu next for some skin free chicken karaage. The place was ok if the service was a little better. We tried to catch their attention for the bill and I swear he saw us but still didn't come over :@ Next was Gyoza King for the cheapest gyozas. There was the hottest guy there but I had to leave so no eye flirting since we kept lookin at each other at wrong times :( I would love to come back here again, the food is cheap and there's a great variety.

Lastly we went to Indigo for dessert. We got the Bits and Bots and it sounded really good but it was just o-k.. It was def chocolate overload but it was o-k..