Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hamilton Street Grill

I've always heard good things about Hamilton street grill but after my lunch here, I beg to differ. I ordered a Caprese Sandwich and my friend ordered Mussels and frites. The place was pretty dead but we waited quite a while for our food. Mine comes out and my yam fries are like.. burnt. wtf. I didn't say anything, and the waitress served it to me as if it was supposed to be like this. So I tried one, and it wasn't crispy or fries tasting.. it tasted funny.. so I ended up not eating any of it. My friend's fries were super salty. she said her mussels were fine, but then again, how hard is it to make mussels? my sandwich wasn't very good, I got it wrapped and my waitor doesn't even comment on my whole plate of yam fries to ask me if anything was wrong. He was practically nonexistant the entire time we were there. Then he proceeds to give me this huge ass brown bag for my small half sandwich. wt.fuck I guess I should have been smarter and have said something. But the way they served it/acted made me feel like they *were* supposed to be like this. Like some sort of alder wooden grilled yam fries or some shit.

Honestly, I hate this place. I am never coming back.

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