Monday, May 12, 2008

Friday Lunch

I hadn't seen a really good friend for ages so it was really good we went for lunch. We went to Jules Bistro for a nice broiled ham and cheese sandwich. I don't like ham much but it was the cheapest but to my surprise I really really liked it ! It was really good and filling and the place is super cute. It's my fave french restaurant currently (I guess that doesn't help it's my first french restaurant but it'll be tough to beat!)
The next place was Wild Rice. The place was really posh and modern. We just shared a poached pear dumpling with tofu ice cream. The pear dumplings weren't very good but I did like the tofu ice cream (even though I am not a fan of ice cream). I think the desserts were more appealing sounding than the entrees.
Lastly we stopped at Cactus Club on Robson because Saveur wasn't open and neither was Alibi Room. We shared cheesecake. Honestly if you need a staple dessert, you cannot go wrong with Cactus Club desserts.