Saturday, May 31, 2008

Open house/Ocean Club

Today me and my friend decided to volunteer for our university at the open house. We got a 10 dolla voucher so we used it on Donair Town. Obviously I picked the most expensive thing on the menu, which was a lamb platter. After my first year of university, I stopped eating on campus. The prices are way too pricey for the quality of food. I have honestly only went to the places at school 1-2 times after the first year. The reason i went more during first year was because I had a meal card I already paid for. Hence, I had to use the money up.. (at the end I had about 500 dollars left.. so we ate 50 dollar lunches every day for like 2 weeks at the fancy restaurant at the uni haha). Anyways, I didn't really like it.. At least I tried it, now I know. honestly the food sucks crap here, let me recap my uni: res dining hall: fucking gross dry pizzas/sloppy entrees, it was ranked like worst uni food in canada. Mackenzie: same thing because same company. Koya: Gross beef terriyaki and rolls. Mr Sub: ok that's ok, but how can you go wrong with subs. Triple O's: the best, just because you can't go wrong with burgers but I don't like burgers. Highland pub: suckass. Expensive and food is gross. Himalayan: SLOW and the tandoori chicken was gross. The naan bread was yummy though. Sushi place: Average bento box. Renaissance: i've only had a cookie so I can't really comment. Never been to Romeo+juliet, bubble tea place, and soup place. UGHHH

Afterwards, we went to West Van to The Ocean Club. The place was dead which was a given because it was 5:00. I ordered the crab cakes and my friend ordered the 3 course meal. We waited for EVER for our food. fuck. The crab cakes weren't bad but a little overpriced. The mussels were ok, the mac+cheese/pork was meh. Personally I hate mac and cheese and beef short ribs because the beef reminds me of the way my mother used to cook it and I hate the tenderness of it. The chocolate dome was kind of weird.. I wasn't a fan. At the end, there were very few tables and the food was SLOW. when we left, this couple still haven't got their food and they were there for at least an hour. I felt bad for them because I went through just that. Honestly, what the fuck.

We headed next door to true confections which was empty as well but super clean and nice (opposed to the Denman one but I guess that one is older/popular). We shared a three berry pie. ew. I did not like it. I should have stuck with apple pie. The service was super nice though so good tip :)