Thursday, May 1, 2008

old favorites

dang the cakes at true confections (aka tasty delights) are getting smaller! Not only that but 8.50 minimum charge per person? thank god they are lax about that. Oh well, it fixed my cheesecake crave that I had for weeks.
A place that doesn't fail is capstone for cheese/chocolate fondue. They are really slow and the place is like the worst date place because of the lighting (every little pore can be seen) but dang those cheese fondues with the bread is soooo good. and the slushy drinks are yummy. The tea thing is really cool I think I might buy it one day when I have money.

other random vancouver eats I've had

shark club- i don't think I am ever gonna come back here for food. It was disgusting!!! I had the penne pesto and it was so oily. I would bite into a pasta and there would be oil guzzin out of it from the other end. ugh sickkk. I gave it to a homeless, hope he doesn't get sick like I kinda did on the ride home.
Browns- a good place for a quick drink. The yam fries aren't bad (although my fave are from calling).
Takis- ew. I don't recommend. Only went here because Stepho's was too busy. the Calamari was pretty sick and my lamb souvlaki was bland.
Some random korean resturant on robson- the menu was sooo unappetizing we shared a plate of fried gyozas. humm :(

lalalala i hate exams. i've been so busy and cheap I've been eating cereal and pb and j sandwiches. yum. :(