Sunday, May 18, 2008

Loving this weather!

Yesterday we all made a trip downtown to get some sun. It was absolutely Gorgeous yesterday! I was so glad to wear my sundress instead of jeans, boots, and sweater :D We went for brunch at Joe Fortes. We all had the eggs benedict which was really good. The salad wasn't that great though, could've done without.
After, we walked around and shopped and watched some breakdancers in front of the art gallery. Had a drink at moxies and then walked to English Bay to meet up with others. I Love Vancouver vibe so much. I didn't realize it until yesterday. It's so chill and laid back. it's not rush rush and hectic. I absolutely Love it. After, we went to the seawall and walked/sat around. Very beautiful.
Then two of us went to Ebisu because Guu was too busy. We had the pork gyoza, katsu don, and Unachee roll. I didn't like the filling of the gyoza, the rolls weren't good (I don't like cream cheese in my rolls i guess) and the katsu don, i can't judge because I didn't eat it. I just ate a piece of the pork cutlet and it was a lot of fat. The first time I came here, I loved this place. but I have grown tired of it. If I really need a quick izakaya/japanese fixing, I might try to go to Kamei Royale more.. even if the menus are quite similar.

Then we met up with a couple more people and headed to Foggs and Suds. They specialize mostly on I was just gonna opt for a smoothie. We received no service for half an hour. the people came after us got service before us! so we just left. That was retarded. We ended up going to Bread garden.. which was a disappointment because I wanted a smoothie and they were out of yogurt. I just had a cranberry juice...on a saturday night. I think this is the first weekend in a long time where I didn't get drunk/clubbed. I am not complaining but it was a little different. hah.