Monday, May 12, 2008

More Restaurant Hopping

Ok this past weekend, me and a friend went to Fiddlehead Joes for brunch. The place was very cute and chill. Definitely a great neighborhood location! The music was old school and didn't really work with the place, but somehow I liked it just because I don't usually hear any other restaurants playing Otis Redding and Billy Joel anymore. The only turn off was the gladiator movie (was it ben hur..??) playing on the TV. that was a little strange. I had the Pancetta Benedict. It was o-k. The pancetta was too salty.
We then crossed the bridge and headed to Cactus Club on W Broadway. My friend told me this was the test kitchen and Feenie works there creating new menus and such. One look at the menu though was exactly like the old ones :( I was sad but we just shared the dessert trio. This is how much I love cactus club desserts- I just had the strawberry cheesecake there yesterday (see post below)
We then headed to Joeys on Broadway for a drink.. Oh my god. Even if you don't like Joeys, just freaking go to see the bathroom. it is 2 floors! The damn washroom looked better than my house! so sad. dang, if no one opened the doors for me to enter the restaurant, this would totally be my new bathroom pitstop (right now it's either pan pacific or hyatt). Too bad I didn't check out the Burard Joeys' bathroom.. that time I was honestly just trying to get the heck outta there after being hit on by drunk old men. sick.

The dinner place we decided for was Fuel. I made a reservation for 5:30 and this was the first time a reservation place phoned me for confirmation. Maybe it's because they thought it was just too dang early hah I dno. but we went around 5:28-5:30 and they were still prepping and all the chefs were gathered around discussing still! haha We stood outside the door staring in, and the maitre d stares back at us. None of us open the door and i just start saying "are you open? are you open?" and i even mouthed are you open.. thinking he could read lips or hear me haha I feel so stupid he opened the door and was just like I guess we are! They weren't mad or pissed we came so early so that made us feel better. However, they sat us by the bathroom and I was pissed about that. The food was really good . I had the salmon. I think I might come back one day, and I don't say that often since I go to so many restaurants.

The last place we finally checked out was Alibi Room. The place is so off course and I don't think you would know it unless you were actually looking for it. We sat at the side and shared yam fries (ya right after a dinner! we are crazy). They had no desserts so we settled and surprisingly, we finished all the fries! the seating was really uncomfortable and I wasn't too impressed. It's more a loud group beer drinking place. I would love to go with all my friends, cept they aren't very adventurous in trying places and it is in a weird location for us. I don't know if I will come back to this place, I wasn't too impressed.

Also on Thursday I went to Westender Korean Restaurant. They only had pork belly and no menus. It was the first time I tried Soju. It was good. I didn't like the food too much though because I don't like kimchi and I don't like spicy. But honestly what the fuck, a restaurant with no menu and only serving pork belly? preposterous.

For mothers day, my family and I went to Shanghai Chinese Bistro for Dimsum. umm. I'll just say I wasn't impressed.