Monday, May 12, 2008


On Tuesday class ended early so we went to Characters on Davie because Stephos was packed with people. I had mixed feelings about this place because the place was sooo empty. We were starving though because we ate practically nothing that day and bin 941 didn't seem as filling as greek food would have been. We went inside and the waitor or manager greeted us warmly and said he saw us looking at the menu and if we hadn't come in, we would be missing the best food ever. That was very welcoming so it was a good start. That was it though. The woman manager or waitress who took our order was so rude and was staring out the window when taking our order. wtf. Then the food took 20 minutes in this empty place. The food came. It was ok.

I didn't want to stay any longer so we got the bill and she was so cold and rude once again. Then we left and the male manager waitor was like wasn't the food good? you'll definitely come back? oh during the dinner, people were outside looking at the menu and he went out and tried to get them to come in too but they didn't. So he's desperate and the woman was rude. Great service.

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