Monday, December 14, 2009

Look at this beauty

ICA had no more turkey breast. so a huge turkey leg it is! hahaha with delicious scalloped potatoes and stuffing. I believe the turkey was 30 sek, which is around 4 bucks.. me and my american friend wanted to recreate some sort of north american christmas dinner.. only to result in scalloped potatoes, stuffing, and turkey leg that looked like it was from the flintstones. amazing.

Alright, here's another European update.. featuring mostly christmas food. I am in LOVE with christmas markets at the moment. They are the most beautiful thing ever.

BUDAPEST (my 2nd favorite country)
Look at this AMAZING hot chocolate. it was SOO thick and I felt like I was drinking a chocolate bar. WOW
Christmas Market selling goose legs and sausages. The goose legs were deliciousss

A Chimney cake.. very popular but it was very large and doughy! Good for a group!

Very very saucy but delicious nonetheless. We had this before we saw Rogle play against Skelleftea.. Modo was sold out unfortunately :(

This was from a supermarket.. costing me 32 kroons which was around 3 bucks! The lemonade was yummy.

Goulash soup in a bread bowl.. this was after walking around a very cold and rainy day.. so it was good.. although it was too heavy for me. I demolished the bread bowl.. although I am not so sure if we were supposed to eat it..

The Full monty at an irish pub.. which was suitable for 4 and more people, but it was just 3 of us.. 2 guys and me. We did pretty well at finishing it.. only leaving the fries around. It was damnnn good. It was steak bites, really tender ribs, fries, fried mushroom caps, fried jalapeno bites, and fried shrimp and chicken wings.. mmm..

A bohemian meal.. that I didn't enjoy but got because I wanted to be authentic. It was smoked meats, pork, bacon, cabbage, potatoes, and bread..
A traditional polish meal apparently.. deep fried pork chop, bacon, and cabbage. it was alright. the pork was such a hugeee piece!
At the christmas markets.. we thought it was fried dough and some sweet dessert.. but it was cheese..

Oświęcim, POLAND
Perogies! I wish I got meat inside instead of potato and cheese..

Dumplings! very yummy, but got too rich at the end, the sauce.. and my pretty christmas souvenir mug :)

A sausage and bun :) I don't know why the sausage has to be bigger than the bun but it was good.

Home, Sweden
I recently discovered Cafe Mondo and I wish I found this over Coffee break because this sandwich was DELICIOUS. It is chicken and bacon baguette.. the sauce was sooo good..

A traditional Christmas Dinner in Swedish.. Christmas ham with mustard, cocktail sausages, Jannson's temptation (potato with onions anchovies), cabbage, and kottbullar... everything was so salty and not good :( For appys we had bread+ cheese, hard boiled egg, beetroot salad, and 3 types of herring.. which my friend kept making gagging noises at me for eating, but watever.. swedes eat it, it can't hurt me. And for dessert we had rice pudding and gingerbread cookies. yums